Vintage music on cassettes at 25% off (Phenix City, Al.)

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Indigo Girls-Nomads Indians Saints-Et 46820-Dolby-1990- $3
Indigo Girls-Swamp Ophelia-ET 57621-1994-$2
Indigo Girls-Shaming Of the Sun ET 67891-1997- $2
Indigo Girls-1200 Curfews-Et 67356-1995-$5
Indigo Girls-Rites Of Passion-ET-488651992-$2
Indigo Girls-Indigo Girls-FEt 45044-1989-$2

2-Bigg MC-He's King Of The Hype! A-550-4 Dolby Chrome 1990 $4
Paula Abdul- Shut Up And Dance-CRC V4-91362 DolbyHXPRO 1990 $2
Paula Abdul-Forever Your Girl-SR Dolby HXPRO 1988 $2
Lionel Richie-The Composer Series-MOTC 5386 Dolby-1986 $2
3 to The Power Of Three M5G 24181 Dolby HXPRO 1988 $2
Smokey Robinson-One Heart Beat-6226 MC Dolby 1987 $2
All-4-One - And the Music Speaks-82746-4 SR Dolby HXPRO 1995 $10
Pointer Sisters- Break Out- BEk1-5410 1982-83 $2
Nia Peeoles-Nothing But Trouble- 834303-4 Dolby HXPRO Chrome 1988 $2
Today-Today-MOTC 626 HQ DolbyHXPRO-1988 $2
Guy-Guy-MCAC 42176 Dolby1988 $4
Fat Boys-"Fat Boys"-SUC 1015 Substitue sleeve used. $3
Faith-Faith--75612-73003-4 Dolby HXPRO-1995 $2
J.J. Fad -Not Just A Fad- 7 91586-4 SR Dolby HXPRO 1990 $2
after 7-after 7- 7 94361 SR Dolby HXPRO-1989- $2
The Boys- Messages From The Boys-MOTC 6260- Dolby HXPRO 1988- $2
Pebbles- Pebbles-MCAC 42094 DolbyHXPRO 1987 $2
Full Force--Full Force -PCT-40117-Dolby 1985 $2
Terence Trent D'Arby-Introducing The Hardline According To Terence Trent D'Arby FCT40964 Dolby 1987 $2
Keith Sweat -I'll Give All My Love To You- 9 60864-4 SR Dolby HXPRO 1990 $2
Al B. Sure! -In Effect Mode 9 26662-4 Dilby HXPRO 1988 $10
Brother Makes 3- Chillin' At A Club-3-8005-4 Dolby 1992 $6
Heavy D. And The Boyz-Big Tyme-MCAC 42302-dolby HXPRO 1989 $6
J.J. Fad -Not Just A Fad- 7 91586-4 SR Dolby HXPRO 1990 $2
Pointer Sisters-Greatest Hits-BG4 09816 Dolby 1989 $7
Mariah Carey- Mariah Carey-CT 45202 Dolby-1990 $4
Bobby Brown -Dance! Ya Know It! MCAC 6342 Dolby HXPO 1989 replaced sleeve $2 replaced sleeve
B-Rock and the Bizz -My Baby Dady-73008 24221-4 1997 Dolby has substitute sleeve $3
Bad 4 Good-Reugee-7 92185-4-1992- Dolby SR HxPro $10

Pat Benatar-Seven the Hard Way-OVT 41507-1985-Dolby Chrome- $4
John Denver-The Wildlife Concert-JT 64656-1 Dolby 1995-4
Paul Young-The Secret Of Association-Dolby 1985 $3

Elvis Presley – 20 Golden Hits Vol. 1 – 3/40002-1984- $5
Elvis Presley- Greatest Hits of 1956-57-RDK 5833/1987-Dolby- $2
It's Now Or Never The Tribute To Elvis 314 524 072-4 Dolby Chrome 1994 $3

Timbuk3-Greetings From Timbuk3-1986-5739-Dolby HXPRO-$3
Best Of Mountain- PCT 32079-Dolby-1973-$4
Scorpions-Lovedrive-MCR show contact info Dolby $13
Scorpions-Blackout-MCR$ 1-4039-1982 $3

I have 5 Laserlight produced cassette tapes of Earnest Tubb and Friends recorded in Dolby stereo for sale
.1) The Legendary Ernest Tubb and Friends- Waltz Across Texas- 72 115 Dolby Stereo 1992
The friends are: Charlie Daniels, King Edward, Jack Greene, Loretta Lynn, Willie Nelson, Johonny Paycheck, Jeannie
Seely, B.J. Thomas, Gene Watson.
2) The Legendary Ernest Tubb and Friends- Walking The Floor Over You- 72 116 Dolby Stereo 1992
The friends are: Johnny Cash, Roy Clark, Merle Haggard, George Jones, Kris Kristofferson, David Rogers, Chip
Taylor, Billy Walker.
3)The Legendary Ernest Tubb and Friends- It's Been So Long, Darling-72 117 Dolby Stereo 1992
The friends are: Razzy Bailey, Crazy Joe, Simon Crum,Ferlin Husky, Lorretta Lynn, Billy Parker, Charlie Rich,
Conway Twitty, Gene Watson.
4)The Legendary Ernest Tubb and Friends- Rainbow At Midnight- 72 118 Dolby Stereo 1992
The friends are: Vern Gosdin, Merle Haggard, George Jones, Willie Nelson, Marty Robbins, B.J. Thomas, Justin
5)The Legendary Ernest Tubb and Friends- Solder's Last Letter- 72 119 Dolby Stereo 1992
The friends are: Johnny Cash, Roy Clark, Melba Montgomery, Leon Russell, Cal Smith, Mel Tillis, Conway
Twitty, Hank Wilson, Box Car Willie.

Masters Of Metal: Wreaking Havoc 1975-1985 - Volume 1-JCT 4520-Dolby-1989-$6
Super Groups, Super Hits-RS6-808-1/1-Dolby-1995-$6
VH1 Crossroads-82895-4- 1996-$6
Alligator Stomp,Vol.5-Cajun and Zydeco-The Next Generation-R4-70946- Dolby HXPRO-1995-$6
Hot Shots Vol. #1- Super Stars-SSDC 8031-Dolby-1980--$6
Club Mix 96 Vol.#2- 6236-4-Dolby Chrome- 1996- $6
Gregory Isaacs-I.O.U.-RASCS 3052-1989-$6

Saga-Heads Or Tales-FRT 38999-Dolby-1983-$4
Yaz- Upstairs at Eric's- show contact info -Dolby SR, - $5
Iggy Pop -Instinct-Dolby Chrome-CS 5198-1988 $8
Betsy- Betsy-D4-73318 Dolby HXPRO-1988- $4

The Outlaws-Soldiers Of Fortune-BZT-40512-Dolby-1986-$5
Yes-Fragile-CS 19132- $6
Yes- The Yes Album=-CS-19131- 1971 -Winchester, Dolby-$25

VERY RARE Paul McCartney and Wings- Red Rose Speedway- PCT 36481-1973-DolbyStereo $100 This is just the cassette. No sleeve. 1973 MPL Communications, Inc.

Manhattan Transfer- Extensions-CS 19256-Dolby 1979- $10
Manhattan Transfer-The Best Of Manhattan Transfer-CS 19319- Dolby-1981-$5
Spyro Gyra-City Kids-MCAC-5431-1983- $10
Spyro Gyra-Stories Without Words-DolbyHQ-1987-10

Paul Anka-My Way- 2604054 Dolby 1989 $2
Great White -The Best of Great White 1986-1992-C-125049 Dolby HXPRO- 1993 $5
M S G-M S G -1992-10385-Dolby Chrome HX PRO- $4
The Law-The Law-7 82195-4 Dolby HX PRO -1991 $5

The Monkees-Pool It!- 70706- XDR-1987-Dolby HX PRO- Blue case-$7
Billy Joel-An Innocent Man-QCT 38837-Dolby1983 $3
The Party- The Party-HR-60980-4 SR Dolby HX PRO 1990 $5

Bruce Springsteen-The Wild, The Innocent And The E Street Shuffle- PCT 32432 Dolby 1973- $5
Bruce Springsteen- Greetings From Ashbury Park, N.J. - 1973 - PCT-31903-Dolby $3
Bruce Springsteen Tunnel of Love- 1987-CT-40999-Dolby $3
Bruce Springsteen – The River- 40-88510 1980-Dolby- $7

The Monkees-Pool It!- 70706- XDR-1987-Dolby HX PRO- Blue case-$7
Billy Joel-An Innocent Man-QCT 38837-Dolby1983 $3
Kenny Rogers -The Gambler-L4N-10247-Dolby HXPRO_ $5
The Party- The Party-HR-60980-4 SR Dolby HX PRO 1990 $5

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